Link Building Basics – Start Building Links to Your Website Now

There are many ways to build links to your website. One of  the simplest and effective ways I have used for the last few years is commenting on blogs. You do not need any special software; just a little bit of time and the ability to write something that makes sense.  Here’s how, using “Hi-Fi Hardware” as our niche:

Three simple steps

Go to Google and search for “Google Blog Search”,
In the Google Blog search search for “Hi-Fi Hardware” (or whatever niche you’re working on),
Open up the first blog that comes up and search the page for “comment” (Use Ctrl+F to speed things up),

The Comment section

Look at the comment section. If you can leave your URL then add your url. This will form a hyperlink under your name. Because we’re looking to build back-links, if there isn’t an option to post your URL then don’t comment just move to another blog.

Assuming you can post your URL, continue with the next step:

Scan the article for something that relates to your website then post a short comment. If nothing relates  to your site just write something that relates to the article you’ve just scanned. Never repeat the same comment in other blogs;  always write one that comes to mind from the article and do not turn it into a sales pitch.

Your Email Address

Use an email address that you’re willing to let be spammed. I use a Yahoo! address which I  check every once in a while to keep it active. It tends to get hundreds of emails each week, mostly spam; I delete the lot without reading them.

Your Post Name

This will be your backlink’s title. Make it interesting enough to click.

Since our niche is “Hi-Fi Hardware” then our post name will be “Hi-Fi Nick” or “Hi-Fi Fidelity” or “Rockin’ Hi-Fi’s”. Make it something that contains the keyword of the website you’re linking back towards; something exciting.

A couple of links everyday will help significantly in time. Make valuable comments. Like all your own content, you want it to be real – nobody likes spam. In time you will have a lot of relevant content on your site and also links attached to comments that point to your site. This will bring you a lot of traffic: 10 comments per day equals 10 backlinks per day, over 100 days this would give you 1000 backlinks; 2 daily hits from 1,000 backlinks equals 2000 daily visitors.

The Nofollow Sites

Some websites use the nofollow tag to tell search engines not to score links on their sites. Those links are nofollow links. A lot of webmasters will tell you not to bother posting on sites that use the nofollow tag.  I believe nofollow links are less important than those without the nofollow tag but then a site with a lot of traffic will still send you visitors; and the only difference between a nofollow and a do-follow is that nofollows are not good for search engine juice.

When you do find a do-follow blog, remember it and use it more frequently than you  would a nofollow. Use different post names if need be; but remember to pay more attention to your posts to these blogs – you wouldn’t want to be banned for spamming now, would you?


Get some practice and post a relevent comment to this article. You never know, you might even get a few visitors out of  it ;-)

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