There is a New WordPress Cache in Town

Wordfence Seal

WordPress security plugin developer extraordinaire, Mark Maunder, released the latest & greatest version of Wordfence security Sunday. This version gives powerful security and performance caching to WordPress sites. Caching and security in one plugin? Who would have thunk it. Wordfence is the free popular WordPress security plugin from Feedjit Inc. Downloaded nearly 1.5 million times already. One downside to enhanced website security is the slightly increased page load time caused by the security checks run by security measures added to a site and its server. Wordfence 5.1 … [Read more...]

How to Change the Shape of Genesis Menu Tabs

Example Genesis Circle Shaped Menu Tabs

Most WordPress nav menus are shaped as  square or rectangular blocks. Some menus use color gradients to add depth to those blocky shapes. How can we change those menu tabs into diamonds, circles or other shapes? We can use background images to give the illusion of different shapes, or, We can use CSS3 to skew, make circular or to otherwise change the shape of the menu tabs. The CSS3 method is the one we are going to use here. This guide is written for the Genesis theme framework and works with the Dynamik child theme framework too. The methods shown should be adaptable to other … [Read more...]

Make a Timestamp Shortcode

Epoch Time Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

This snippet creates a shortcode to display the Unix Epoch time. Most likely reason you might use this plugin is to create DoubleClick cache busting links. I wrote a WordPress plugin for this same purpose. The plugin contains the same code snippet. It is up to you whether you add this snippet to functions.php or use the plugin. The plugin version of this shortcode is here. Instructions for adding this snippet to WordPress are here. The shortcode this code creates is [[timestamp]]. Place that shortcode anywhere within a page or widget to display the timestamp. To use in DoubleClick … [Read more...]

Alexa Graph and Badge Shortcodes for WordPress

Alexa Internet Screenshot Courtesy of Wikepedia

Alexa is a web analytics company of the Amazon brand. The website statistics published by Alexa are extrapolations from data gathered from browsing habits and other sources. These stats can be used to compare and evaluate websites or - more frequently - to show off a website's global and local rank. The official widget scripts for displaying rank data are found here. The official scripts can be displayed in widget areas on WordPress blogs but the scripts break when embedded into WordPress pages and posts. We can craft a shortcode to allow us to place Alexa traffic scripts into WP … [Read more...]

Adding Features to WordPress via functions.php

PHP code snippet

Many features that can be added to WordPress with a few lines of code are not worth wrapping into a plugin. Instead of writing a plugin for short snippets, we tend to paste the code snippets into a theme file called functions.php. JournalXtra's new QuickSnips category is the place to be to grab simple WordPress code snippets. Ideally, snippets should be placed into a child theme's functions.php file to prevent them being overwritten when the parent (theme) is updated. You can get a good explanation of what a child theme is by reading this page in the WordPress Codex. To add code … [Read more...]

WordPress User Role Menu Visiblity Control with CSS


Custom menu items can be hidden from logged in users or hidden from logged out users with CSS. It is simple. WordPress adds a logged-in class to the body element of every page shown to a logged in user. Items added to a custom menu can be given a CSS class. Here is how we combine custom menu CSS classes and the logged-in body CSS class to set when menu items display to logged in users but not logged out users and to set when menu items display to logged out users but not logged in users. This method works to hide page tabs from logged in and/or logged out users. Please note that this will … [Read more...]