Don’t Upgrade to Oneiric Ocelot!

The Ubuntu developers have outdone themselves this time. If beacons of disaster shone in the sky, their's would be the brightest. I tried Kubuntu 11.10 on a virtual system and I loved it so much so I opted - against the advice of the little nagging voice in my head - to dive in and upgrade my main 'non virtual' OS from Natty 11.04 to Oneiric 11.10. What a mistake! I should have backed up and done a fresh install. Don't get me wrong. Oneiric is a great product. Very stable. The developers do magical things that I can only dream of. I appreciate their work a great deal. But the upgrade was a … [Read more...]

Kubuntu 11.10 – A Very Early Review

A very early review of Kubuntu 11.10

Is Ocelot ready to pounce? Or is it all oneiric? In the twilight hours of this morning, I thought I'd take a look at the new Kubuntu 11.10, codenamed "Oneiric Ocelot". Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, in my half-awake non-caffeinated state. Knowing how much you all dislike Ubuntu Unity and how many of you might be considering a change to Kubuntu, I thought you might like a non-technical peek review of Oneiric. I downloaded the 32bit iso from Ubuntu, created a virtual machine in VirtualBox, loaded the iso and booted the machine. Within a couple of seconds I was looking at … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 11.04 – What Have They Done?!

The new installer options for Ubuntu 11.04

My imagination has been racing with ideas about how great Ubuntu 11.04 will be when finally released. Unable to contain my enthusiasm any longer I decided to download Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1 and give it a whirl on my newly built AMD quad core PC. I am absolutely flabbergasted at how shit the new Natty distro is. I can see "natty" becoming a byword for "trash" and when it does "Natty by name, natty by nature." will be this distro's maxim. A long time user and proponent of Ubuntu and all things Linux and open source, I am well placed to say to anyone who intends to install Natty, "Stop! Curb your … [Read more...]