Vanishing WordPress Posts!!!

smashed computer graphic

I had a shock today. In fact, I was terrified, livid and exasperated by what happened to me today: I lost a very long Wordpress article that I have been working on for several months; or, at least, I thought I had lost it. I made a few edits and added some new details to the 140 Mafia Guide, saved it and viewed it to see that the article displayed as I wanted. Only, it wasn't there to be seen. The comments were still visible but the article was, well, gone! I felt sick. I've spent ages working on The Guide, adding internal links and changing the layout to make it more user friendly. I wanted … [Read more...]

Clashing TinyMCE Editor Background

Easy to fix so this will be a short post except for text added for search engines... Sometimes the theme used for the frontend of a CMS such as WordPress interferes with the display of the TinyMCE post editor. This clash can cause the text in the editor to be white which makes it invisible on the editor's white page background. This editor theme/frontend theme styles clashing can be stopped by putting the following CSS snippet into the bottom of your theme's style.css file. [crayon-5471729ef23af553650564/] The reason for this clash is that TinyMCE derives some of its style from your … [Read more...]

Bloody Linux Wireless Networking

Update My advice is this: If you have problems connecting to your wireless network in any version of Kubuntu just install wicd with [crayon-5471729ef2b5e176200668/] This will remove the default network manager and install a more reliable one (wicd). Once it's installed, restart your computer. If wicd fails to connect with your wireless network open its command interface (Applications>Internet>Network Manager) click preferences and set Wireless Interface to wlan0. Worked for me. On with the story: A few of days ago I updated my Linux distro with the usual sudo apt-get … [Read more...]

WordTwit Post Problems

WordTwit is a Wordpress plugin that auto tweets a blogger's Twitter followers whenever he releases a new blog post. A great time saving idea for those of us who use social bookmarking and social media as part of our traffic generation regimen. At least it would be a good idea were it not for the error messages it spits out whenever posts are published. those error messages look like these Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in ../wp-content/plugins/wordtwit/wordtwit.php on line … [Read more...]