How to Install QMC2 for Easy MAME, MESS and UME Game Play

QMC2 - The MAME, MESS and UME Emulator GUI

QMC2 is a graphical frontend for the game system emulators MAME, MESS and UME. The idea behind QMC2 is to provide easy¬†access to the emulator options and to make emulator configuration quick. Follow these step-by-step instructions to install QMC2 into Ubuntu Linux distros. Add the QMC2 repository package [crayon-547199c71448f197270612/] Update your package lists [crayon-547199c7144a9579539739/] Install the QMC2 packages [crayon-547199c7144b5522230925/] If QMC2 installation fails due to the missing package qmc2-sdlume or sdlume just remove qmc2-sdlume from the list of … [Read more...]

Get Complete Sets of MESS and MAME Game and System ROMS

Screenshot of Miner 49er on Atari 800 MESS Emulator

Finding system ROMS and¬†game ROMS for MESS and MAME is quick and easy when you know where to look for them. Download complete emulator game sets from just 3 sites. Download BIOS ROMs for MESS MESS needs BIOS ROM files for each of the computer systems it emulates. The BIOS ROM files are not the games, they are the file dumps of the ROM chips that were used by the emulated computers. These files are essential for MESS computer systems to work. The most complete set of emulator ROM files for MESS is found at the Internet Archive: Link to parent listing page Download MESS BIOS ROM Files … [Read more...]

How to Install SDLMAME and SDLMESS into Ubuntu

MAME Fan Art Graphic by Guy Bird

Retrogamers everywhere would be doomed to filling hard drives with tens of different games machine emulators if it were not for MAME and MESS. MAME is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator that lets us play arcade game board ROM dumps on home PCs. MESS is the Multi Emulator Super System that combines over 700 golden oldie computer and game console systems into one computer emulator. If your youth was spent burning adrenalin with arcade games like Out Run, Chase HQ, Space Harrier and Afterburner then MAME is what you need. If you had a love affair with Amstrad, Amiga, Atari, Commodore … [Read more...]

Game Guide: The Last One Game Cheats and Tips

The Last One Game Cheat Guide

Kill zombies deader than dead in The Last One, a game on Facebook by Progrestar. There are few cheats and tips available on the web so I guess this is the first and only proper The Last One game guide and tutorial. Billed as the scariest game, The Last One is an RPG zombie apocalypse game where you move from region-to-region clearing cities of zombies, destroying barricades and searching trashcans. Every action in a city pays money, XP and sometimes goodies like canned food and collectables. Groups of collectables are traded in for energy packs, health packs and other bonus items that help … [Read more...]

Facebook, You Bully! FGS Given Cease and Desist Notice by FB Lawyers

Facebook Bullying Again

Friendly Gaming Simplifier, the free browser plugin used by hundreds of thousands of Facebook game players to make gaming more enjoyable has been forced to close by Facebook lawyers. The plugin is used to collect and send Facebook game gift requests and to collect game wall posts from a game player's news feed. In a notice posted here on the 6th January 2012, the Friendly Gaming Simplifier (FGS) developer, Arkadiusz 'flies' Rzadkowolski, announced that the popular browser app for Chrome and Firefox will no longer be available for download and that 'Flies' will not access his Facebook … [Read more...]

FarmVille Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Using an Autoplayer

FarmVille Logo

Using an autoplayer is the quickest way to dominate the FarmVille world. I recommend FarmVilleBot because it is fast, regularly updated, has an active user and developer forum and it plays multiple accounts simultaneously. These instructions for using FarmVilleBot will gently guide you through its installation and configuration as well as show you how to update and setup its most useful plugins. This tutorial will be regularly updated as the autoplayer, its plugins and the game change. Depending on how you view playing games with autoplayers, it could be argued that using an … [Read more...]