JournalXtra has hit The Change. Restructure Afoot for 2014

Hello, JournalXtra is going through The Change

Dear readers, over the next few months you will see a few changes to the structure of JournalXtra. This is not the first time we have said this but we now feel that this is the right time for us to conduct the changes we have planned during 2013. Over the coming days, weeks and months we will be recategorizing posts, splitting long posts & long pages into smaller articles spanning multiple pages and we will again be redesigning the JX theme. These changes are needed to make the site easier for readers to navigate and to make the site easier for search engines to analyse. During this … [Read more...]

eNom Down for (Un)Scheduled Maintenance

eNom Unscheduled Maintenance

Your favorite author is in the process of transferring a couple of domain names to, his domain name registrar of choice for a couple of years. Imagine the surprised look on his face when he tried to log-out of his old registrar's domain control panel and he was hit with this: Our site is currently undergoing an unscheduled maintenance to upgrade our systems in order to better serve you. Think of the look on the face of a guy who's just discovered The Walking Dead Episode 6 is never gonna be on TV to watch because the show has been axed and you might get an idea of the … [Read more...]

Google Has a New Really Advanced Search Engine

Google has a new search engine

Take a look guys, the new advanced search engine lets you search by rhyming slang, innuendo and embarrassing grammatical faux pas, to name a few of the new search engine. Is this the new update to Google search that every SEO specialist and his dog has been raving about? Better get a look at it fast. It is in public beta for one day only. Scroll right to the bottom of the page for the most advanced search options. It works like magic. … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Did Sergey Smirnov Kill FGS?

Facebook gaming communities are abuzz with news of Friendly Gaming Simplifier being closed by Facebook's lawyers. Ever since the news broke, forums, Facebook walls, Facebook groups and blog comments have been filled with allegations against the games developer Sergey Smirnov. The allegations claim Sergey, the developer of Puzzled Hearts, Puzzled Dogs and Charmed Gems, fell out with Arkadiusz 'Flies' Rzadkowolski, developer of FGS, and waged a campaign of dirty tricks to have Flies booted off the Facebook network. If you've been watching closely you will have spotted a regular commenter to … [Read more...]

Facebook, You Bully! FGS Given Cease and Desist Notice by FB Lawyers

Facebook Bullying Again

Friendly Gaming Simplifier, the free browser plugin used by hundreds of thousands of Facebook game players to make gaming more enjoyable has been forced to close by Facebook lawyers. The plugin is used to collect and send Facebook game gift requests and to collect game wall posts from a game player's news feed. In a notice posted here on the 6th January 2012, the Friendly Gaming Simplifier (FGS) developer, Arkadiusz 'flies' Rzadkowolski, announced that the popular browser app for Chrome and Firefox will no longer be available for download and that 'Flies' will not access his Facebook … [Read more...]

Some Happy Songs to Keep Us Smiling

Just thought I'd post some cheerful, happy and uplifting music videos to help shake off the January blues :-) You wouldn't believe how hard t is find cheerful songs on the Net - if you don't know what they are called then you haven't much chance of finding them. Must worn you, cheery songs tend to be accompanied by the worst music videos. The first is Always Look on The Bright Side of Life from the film The Life of Brian by Monty Python which was one of the more comical films released when I was a child. Here's a bebop called Don't Worry be Happy by Bobby McFerrin. It's one of the easiest … [Read more...]