Navigate Linux by the Command Line

Linux command line screenshot

Sometimes, just sometimes when you use Linux as a home user you need to navigate the Linux shell to complete tasks. As the Linux novice you are, you need a quick intro to Linux shell commands if you want to find files and edit documents in that scary black shell with legendary super moo powers. Lucky you, you have me. Here is a very brief guide to the basic commands needed to get around the terminal command line. Easy to use and easy to remember but bookmark this page in case you get hit on the head later today and come down with a shocking case of amnesia. Here is a your quick guide to … [Read more...]

A Linux Live Disc Could Save Your Life. Here is How

Kubuntu Live Disc

Unless your Linux Live Disc is made of bullet proof material it wont be stopping any cylindrical projectiles headed your way but a Live Disc might help you dodge a bullet if you break your installed OS. If you ever find you have a Linux OS that refuses to load, you can nearly always use a Linux Live disc to gain access to files stored on the computer. A Live Disc is an operating system stored on removable media such as a CD, a DVD or a USB drive. When a computer boots up with a Live Disc in it, the computer will load into whatever OS is stored on the Live Disc. You can use a Live Disc … [Read more...]

Getting Out of the Linux Shell

Plasma 4.11 Kubuntu Desktop

Getting into the Linux Shell is like diving into a black hole for new Linux users. Once in, it can seem impossible to get back out without going thermonuclear and restarting the computer. Here are a couple of ways you can get out of the Linux shell and back into your graphical desktop. This article also explains how to stop and start your display manager. Ubuntu and other Linux distros give you six possible command-line terminals to use. Pressing any function key from F1 to F6 in combination with Ctrl+Alt will give you access to those terminals. You can log into each of these terminals … [Read more...]

Getting Into the Linux Shell

Linux TTY Console Has Special Moo Powers

The place where commands are typed instead of clicked: The Linux Shell You will see it called shell, terminal, console, command-line, tty, tty session and many other things but, really, it is just a black screen with a text prompt that lets you run non graphical programs (scripts) by typing their name at the prompt and pressing enter. When you can't access your desktop, and a quick reboot doesn't help, you will need to use the Linux shell. Getting into the shell is easy and whenever I say drop to a shell I mean you should do one of the things suggested below here. Option One: … [Read more...]

JournalXtra has hit The Change. Restructure Afoot for 2014

Hello, JournalXtra is going through The Change

Dear readers, over the next few months you will see a few changes to the structure of JournalXtra. This is not the first time we have said this but we now feel that this is the right time for us to conduct the changes we have planned during 2013. Over the coming days, weeks and months we will be recategorizing posts, splitting long posts & long pages into smaller articles spanning multiple pages and we will again be redesigning the JX theme. These changes are needed to make the site easier for readers to navigate and to make the site easier for search engines to analyse. During this … [Read more...]

The Joys of Testing IE Compatibility..

Market share for mobile web browsers Oct 2013

..and forgetting IE7 and IE8 do not support media queries for responsive design... Agghhhh!!! Internet Explorer is not used on many screens with a width below 980 pixels so responsive design is not my top priority for IE users. For personal sites I do very few Internet Explorer compatibility tests. Why should I waste hours of my time tweaking a site to make it work in IE when a visitor can spend 5 minutes installing Chrome or Firefox? But for my clients, I have to make IE behave A couple of methods can be used to drag IE into the modern world: Javascript & jQuery hacks CSS … [Read more...]