There is a New WordPress Cache in Town

Wordfence Seal

WordPress security plugin developer extraordinaire, Mark Maunder, released the latest & greatest version of Wordfence security Sunday. This version gives powerful security and performance caching to WordPress sites. Caching and security in one plugin? Who would have thunk it. Wordfence is the free popular WordPress security plugin from Feedjit Inc. Downloaded nearly 1.5 million times already. One downside to enhanced website security is the slightly increased page load time caused by the security checks run by security measures added to a site and its server. Wordfence 5.1 … [Read more...]

How to Change the Shape of Genesis Menu Tabs

Example Genesis Circle Shaped Menu Tabs

Most WordPress nav menus are shaped as  square or rectangular blocks. Some menus use color gradients to add depth to those blocky shapes. How can we change those menu tabs into diamonds, circles or other shapes? We can use background images to give the illusion of different shapes, or, We can use CSS3 to skew, make circular or to otherwise change the shape of the menu tabs. The CSS3 method is the one we are going to use here. This guide is written for the Genesis theme framework and works with the Dynamik child theme framework too. The methods shown should be adaptable to other … [Read more...]

What is best for WordPress SEO and OpenGraph?

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugins and Options

On a quest to find the ultimate of WordPress SEO plugins. The King of kings, the Shahanshah, the Emperor of Emperors of the WP world of SEO plugins. This has been a long quest and I need your help to complete it. I need a plugin that handles both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) A plugin that is kept up to date with whatever new algorithms and features are released by major search engines and social networks A plugin that helps me tell search engines what my pages are about A plugin that integrates my website into the semantic web of things I … [Read more...]

Move Your Domain Day 2014 and Get Hosting for Less

Today is the 3rd annual MoveYourDomain Day. This is a once per year chance to move your domain to a new host for $3.98 and to grab hosting for 75% less. These offers are provided by Namecheap. This site is hosted by Namecheap. These links are NC affiliate links that help you give me a bit of money for the knowledge I share. On MoveYourDomain Day 2014, you can transfer your .com, .net, .biz, .org or .info domain for only $3.98, and shared/business/reseller hosting packages will be available at 75% off. Simply use the coupon NCMYDD to transfer your domains and HOSTWITHNC on your hosting deal. … [Read more...]

How to Install QMC2 for Easy MAME, MESS and UME Game Play

QMC2 - The MAME, MESS and UME Emulator GUI

QMC2 is a graphical frontend for the game system emulators MAME, MESS and UME. The idea behind QMC2 is to provide easy access to the emulator options and to make emulator configuration quick. Follow these step-by-step instructions to install QMC2 into Ubuntu Linux distros. Add the QMC2 repository package [crayon-5352ccf761b11056612693/] Update your package lists [crayon-5352ccf761b20844439209/] Install the QMC2 packages [crayon-5352ccf761b2a230425962/] If QMC2 installation fails due to the missing package qmc2-sdlume or sdlume just remove qmc2-sdlume from the list of … [Read more...]

Get Complete Sets of MESS and MAME Game and System ROMS

Screenshot of Miner 49er on Atari 800 MESS Emulator

Finding system ROMS and game ROMS for MESS and MAME is quick and easy when you know where to look for them. Download complete emulator game sets from just 3 sites. Download BIOS ROMs for MESS MESS needs BIOS ROM files for each of the computer systems it emulates. The BIOS ROM files are not the games, they are the file dumps of the ROM chips that were used by the emulated computers. These files are essential for MESS computer systems to work. The most complete set of emulator ROM files for MESS is found at the Internet Archive: Link to parent listing page Download MESS BIOS ROM Files … [Read more...]