How to Verify Your WordPress Multi Site Blogs with Google, Yahoo and Bing

Just a quick post, nothing particularly spectacular but useful nonetheless. If you use the Multi Site functionality of WordPress 3.0 (and I expect this works for WordPress MU too), you might wonder how you can verify your additional blogs with Google, Yahoo and Bing given that each blog has no sub-domain folder to upload the verification files into.

There is an easy solution, install the header-footer plugin, activate it across your network of blogs then place each blog’s verification details as meta tags into the HTML header field (for all pages) provided by the plugin.

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It’s hard to read your article with your “share ” thingy on the left side blocking the article…Dah

Thanks for your feedback. I was aware of an issue  with it but thought it had been fixed. I’ll hide remove it.


You can use the meta tag manager plugin too I believe

Yes you can. Thanks Troyd.

Many SEO plugins also assist with this. Ultimate SEO has a built in module for it.

Thanks Lee for the tip. First search and you were there. Have a good one!