Supercharge Your Brain with Advanced Learning Techniques

Make your brain literally glow with millions of sparks of electricity
Add more spark to your brain

We read, we forget….we re-read, we – yes, you guessed it – we forget it all over again. It’s a cycle of learning that affects most people blessed with an average memory. Is there an end to this cycle?

You bet there is! Definitely.

Beginning with this first part of a four part series about enhanced learning techniques, you will learn over the course of the next four weeks the only note taking system that simultaneously improves retention, recall and activation of new knowledge; the memory enhancement tricks used by record breaking super minds like Dominic O’Brian and Tony Buzan; the speed reading techniques that will get you reading 800 words per minute plus; and how to recognize your own learning style and use it to enhance your ability to learn.

This first part of the series explains my personal 10 step guide to learning and note taking which developed over many years of study, work and reading of the many books about the mind, memory, learning and creativity by world famous specialist authors such as Tony Buzan, Dominic O’Brian and Roger Von Oech.

As you read this guide you will notice there are brightly colored fact boxes spread about the pages. They contain snippets of information, tips and tricks that will help you to learn the main contents of the article. I recommend you read them.

Treat this guide as you would a theme park – you can go straight for the biggest and most thrilling roller coaster ride before you head over to the dodgems or you can find your way around in an orderly manner. If it suits you, skip the sections you already understand. But, please, before you decide your route, plan it a little: make a mental note of what you already know about learning, memory and recall then take a few seconds to scan your eyes over each page of this guide as you come to them, from top-to-bottom, from bottom-to-top, to pick out keywords and the bits that jump out at you before you read them more fully. This is not a novel so go grab the spoilers!

For those of you who want to skip the introductory pages and jump right in at the deep end, the 10 step guide to supercharged learning begins on page 9

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