Auto Rotating Ad Banner, No iFrame, No Meta Refresh and It’s Free: Part 2

Back in September 2009 I wrote a guide to creating an auto rotating ad banner that uses JavaScript to switch the ads or images or any other content without pages needing to be refreshed by visitors. It has come to my attention that that solution no longer works in Google Chrome and it has problems displaying multiple ad banners in one page simultaneously. So, here is an update. Here is another image & content slider script from Dynamic Drive that can also be used to display ads within pages.... with a little bit of CSS and HTML editing. Using The Ad Rotation Script Create a directory … [Read more...]

The Bit About HTML That Beginners Don’t Get…

Most web pages are built with that elusive "HTML" thing. Those 4 letters that web developers, Internet users and trendy grandmothers brandish about as though everybody knows what they mean. But do they really know what HTML is? Do they know what those 4 letters stand for? Many of the clients I build websites for tell me they need HTML PHP or HTML JavaScript or a WordPress HTML site; and then there are those who confuse a theme header with the head tags of a webpage. So I believe that, though people know about this thing called HTML, people use those 4 letters - H.T.M.L - to make themselves … [Read more...]

CSS3 Animated Spinning Things!

Dilbert Tieless

I learned a new trick this week and I'm pretty impressed with myself. I learned how to use CSS3 to animate page elements. With the tricks I learned at The Art of Web and Web Development Blog, I can make any HTML page element move around, expand and spin when touched by a mouse cursor. I've even figured out how to combine animations. The following shows a few examples of what can be done with CSS3. Nothing spectacular but it'll entertain you for a few minutes but I know Dilbert fans and insomniacs will love these neat animations. These examples CSS3 animations will work in most modern web … [Read more...]

Making Better HTML Table Borders

Table One: 2px table and td border set

Big ugly table borders only work for people with fetishes about big ugly table borders. Of the fetishes I have, that is one I am glad to report I lack. I enjoy looking at thinly lined tables that are as neatly displayed as those one might draw on paper. You might not believe that while looking at some of the tables used in JournalXtra in the past, but I hope to show you the light I have seen. It took me a while to realize a simple way to change the appearance of HTML tables to make the borders pencil thin. I knew I could set styling properties in the CSS to change the border width, to … [Read more...]

Free GIMP Button Brushes

Free GIMP Button Brushes

No, these are nothing like the buttons used to fasten shirts and unfasten women's blouses these are the type used to create wonderfully stylish clickable areas on web pages. In total, there are 21 free Gimp button brushes waiting to be downloaded. They are easy enough to use but I have provided full instructions and tips below for those who need them. Those instructions along with their usage and redistribution notes are also in the the Readme file packaged with the download. The buttons are in greyscale so can be colored any way you like; they are without text to make it easier for you to … [Read more...]

Create Glossy Look Navigation Tabs

CSS Controlled Navbar Tab Highlights

From Top to Bottom: Unstyled, Illusionary Gloss, and True Gloss Menu Buttons "Ooh, look at that website with nice sleek and shiny page tabs. I bet it turns all the geeks heads. Why can't I be like that guy?" Recognize those thoughts? Of course you do. We all have feelings of inadequacy at times. Luckily for us regular guys, website sexiness can be learned. With a few easily digested and remembered tips you too will style websites that will make other webmasters sick with envy. Back in October last year I showed you how to use CSS to highlight HTML elements when specific id and class … [Read more...]